3D High Performance Volleyball is focused on building a high performance elite club dedicated to taking young players interested in post secondary volleyball to the next level.

3D represents the three dimensions of being an elite volleyball player.

  1. World class training
  2. Character
  3. Nutrition and health

World Class Training

3D has been formed by world class coaches that have won at every level of volleyball. These coaches understand the training and commitment required to help athletes perform at their peak. From Provincial and National Championship  winning coaches to coaches with Olympic medals, 3D is committed to bringing out the best coaching talent to bring out the best in our athletes. Please see Coaches for bios and more information.


Right is right even if no one is watching. 3D hopes to inspire and help its athletes build character both on and off the court. Athletes need to learn to hold themselves accountable and be held accountable in a positive manner on the court and take these skills and apply them to life outside of the game. Through, coaching, discussion and planned community involvement 3D plans to help develop our future leaders.

Nutrition and Health

If an athlete doesn’t look after their body, their body will fail them. Too often we see promising young athletes’ careers cut short because of injury. With our  experienced physical training staff and coaches we will be able to assess athletes for physical imbalances and create programs to prevent injury as well as programs to help them get to the next level.  In addition each athlete will be assessed and receive coaching on their nutritional needs by our nutrition coach Andrew Buchoon.